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Train with me with Simply Pole subscription!

Every week I will share with you one tutorial where I will focus on some trick, combination or floorwork. I will show you easier and harder variation so everybody can train it according her or his actual pole dance level. To start you should have finished beginner's course and be able to do V-invert, gemini (outside leg hang) and scorpio (inside leg hang).

Train according my instructions in the tutorial for a week, record yourself and share your video with me and I will write you feedback and tell you advices what to do better. So you can achieve all the tricks and combinations.

We all know that pole dance is about strength and flexibility so I will also post one video with workout and one video with flexibility tips. 

And in addition I will do livetsream for you where I will answer all your questions you are interesting in! Everything about training in general, exercising, flexibility training or nutrition and many more.

Monthly subscription includes:

  • one tutorial every week (4 videos per month)
  • my feedbacks to your recorded videos
  • one video focused on strength
  • one video focused on flexibility
  • 60 minutes livestream to answer all your questions


  • testing period - March subscription is for FREE
  • 7 EUR per month


To apply send me an e-mail to sona.kochova@simplypole.cz.